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Kelli Coppieters

Kelli Coppieters

Kelli proudly hails from the eastern states, growing up in South Carolina. She has lived in Utah for over 25 years as a dedicated wife and mother. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Utah Valley University with a degree in Behavioral Science, she was also an All-American athlete in Cross Country and Track.


Kelli works as a preneed and aftercare counselor. She helps families and individuals prepare their funeral arrangements ahead of time, giving them peace of mind knowing their plan is in place. After a funeral she provides a service that assists with social security benefits, life insurance, pension plans and many other items that come after a loved one’s funeral.


If she can help it, Kelli enjoys being outside seeking outdoor adventure wherever she can. Always willing to try something fun and new, she has been skydiving, dirt biking, and skeet shooting to name a few. But she also takes time to take things slow and enjoy the simple things. Whether it’s reading a good book or tending to her garden, she always finds time to smell the roses in life. Kelli happily resides with her husband and family in Springville, Utah.

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