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Funeral Services

One of the ways we pay tribute and remember the lives of those we love is through memorialization.

Whether it is a simple service or something unique and personal we are here to help you honor the life of your loved one. Whatever choice you wish to memorialize your loved one we are honored to help carry out your wishes.

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Funeral Service

A funeral service is a ceremony in which you gather together to honor your loved one.  Typically, the casket and your loved one is present.  Some prefer a more formal program format while others like a less structured meeting.  While we have lots of resources and information in helping plan your service there are often family members, friends, and clergy who wish to be a part of the planning process.  The service can be in the funeral home, at a church, or any other venue you wish to hold the service.  All services are personal and unique.  However large or small, simple or elegant your service may be we are here to help honor the life of your loved one.


(also known as a viewing, wake, or calling hours) – A visitation is a time when friends, family, and/or the public may gather together to express and share condolences.  This may be done with either an open or a closed casket.   A visitation may be held the night before a service, just prior to the service, or a time of your choosing.  They may be held at the funeral home, a church, or any other venue you prefer.  A visitation often gives priceless one on one time with family, friends, or your loved one.

Graveside Service

(also known as burial service, interment, or committal service) – A graveside service is typically done at the cemetery or place of final disposition.   Some graveside services are only a simple prayer while others may include elements of a more formal funeral service.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is similar to a funeral service.  While the names are often interchanged a memorial service usually implies that the casket and your loved one is not present.  Memorial services may be large or small, public or private, at the funeral home, church, or a venue of your choosing.

Cremation Service

Cremation refers to a form of disposition.  Any number of services or options may be included in your memorialization while still using cremation as a final disposition. For example, some choose to still have embalming, a visitation, and a funeral service, then have their loved one cremated.  Other than adding any service to a cremation you may also bury, scatter, or keep the cremated remains.  There are many options available for those who wish to be cremated.  We are happy to help you explore any options that will help pay tribute to your loved one.

We believe every individual is unique and special.  We also believe that the services performed after death are as unique and special as the one you love.  While there are many choices and options, we are here for you during this tender time.  We thank you for allowing us to help during such a special time.

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