Ellen Lee Strowbridge Starr October 15, 1935 - December 21, 2021

Ellen Lee Starr passed away at her home December 21, 2021.


Born October 15, 1935, in Klamath Falls, Oregon, the daughter of William Earl and Lela Hillmon Strowbridge. She was raised in Oregon, then moved to California to attend nursing college. She left school to marry and raise a family.


Mom married her sweetheart, David Leroy Starr, July 2, 1955.  They were later sealed in the Los Angeles Temple. The family moved to Utah and settled in Salem.


She was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mom served in many Church callings. She loved being a temple worker and served 10 years in that position.


Mom loved books, sewing and poetry. She volunteered for the Utah County Bookmobile for a number of years, before being hired as the office librarian. She retired after almost 20 years. She was an associated member of the D.U.P. and served as the Camp Chaplain for a number of years.


A special thank you to Ann Nielsen.


Preceding Ellen in death were her husband, David; and son, James; her half-brother, Paul; parents, William and Lela; and son-in-law, Ken.


She is survived by her sister, Joan D Long of Oregon; and her children: Joni, Cristi, David, Juli, Cynthia, and Vesper; 17 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.


Funeral will be Tuesday, December 28, 2021, at 12:00 Noon, at Apple Blossom 7th Ward LDS Chapel, 25 East Apple Blossom Way, Salem, Utah 84653. There will not be a public viewing.



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~There will not be a public viewing~

Funeral Service

Tuesday, December 28, 2021
12:00 Noon
Apple Blossom 7th Ward LDS Chapel
25 East Apple Blossom Way
Salem, Utah 84653


Salem City Cemetery
965 South 140 East
Salem, Utah 84653




  1. REPLY
    Judy Robinson Spencer says

    Dear Starr Family,
    My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.
    I remember your mom with fondness. She always treated me with love and kindness.
    A sweet lady with a loving heart.
    Prayers and love.

  2. REPLY
    Vesper Starr says

    Dear Mom,

    I loved and have missed our conversations, our reading outloud to each other, all the beautiful literature you taught me to also enjoy, your hard work ethic and the value of doing things the right way the first time, I miss those early mornings when you got us up to pull the weeds in the flower and the raspberries for the jam, I miss the rootbeer freezes you would make us when the day got to hot to be outside. I will never forget the jokes that James and I would share with you and we would all laugh and then you would tell us that we were rotten kids and to not ever repeat that joke again. I remember the love you had and skill for chinese checkers. I loved the way we would sit together or lay on your bed taking turns reading out loud the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Books to each other and how you helped me win the contest of reading the most books than any other kid in the county, and Dad and I got our pictures in the paper for that accomplishment with my Salem Superstars T-shirt that you encouraged me to go after. I loved listening to you practice the music that you were to lead to at Church and the Cultural Refinement lessons that your prepared to teach in relief society. I know that where you are you also know that I am also a Member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, the Confluence Camp, I wish you had been able to go through the temple when I went the first time and I always loved to hear you and Dad tell the story of when you met and have you tell me the story about the first time Dad kissed you. I always thought it was amazing how when I couldn’t find something in my house that I had lost, even over the phone you somehow always knew where it was, it was like you were magic. But I think you just knew me. I loved how you were always such a good caregiver when I was so often sick with strep throat, wrapping me up, reading to me, cooling my head, and just making me feel so much better, you always had something wise to share and sometimes I didn’t think you were right but always I would find out you were absolutely right. You always will be so beautiful to me, and I am so sorry that Cristi wouldn’t let you talk to me on the phone and I missed you over these years so much and our talks about life and what was happening, and it was hard not to be able to ask your advice over so many things. I look forward to our reunion one day, where we shall all sit at the Saviors table together, free from our earthly cares and worries and sealed together by the bonds and promises of eternity for those that have made and kept their covenants with our Heavenly Father and we will have those promises from him as He never will not keep his covenants with those who have kept theirs to him. I will miss your wisdom and knowledge while waiting to join you here on earth, but I am firm in the knowledge that you and Dad are reunited and are the same people you were when you first met and fell in love.. God will bless you and keep you in his care until we meet again on that Heavenly plain. And I will and have kept my promises so I can be with you there and bring your earthly blessings with me. Love you always and forever, Vesper

  3. REPLY
    Vesper Starr says

    Mom, I forgot to tell you and Ann Nielsen that taught me how to cook and bake the both of you and you helping me with my 4-H projects, well you both taught me that some things just can’t be left out of the recipe it changes the taste of the whole end product. It’s the same with people, sometimes there are people who are left out and marginalized and underestimated and sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that by doing this, that person will eventually go away or be forgotten, but the Savior’s knows that God’s love for all his children, and in such a way that it is something that cannot be measured in human terms, and people like that get caught up in worldly things and forget that that and allow worldly ideas take the focus away from the very, true and correct gospel principle that out Father in Heaven loves all of his children and that is why He and our beloved Savior came up with the plan of redemption and “even the sparrow” and the same people he came here in his mortal life to minister to were not the stiff necked, judgments of the this world, but, to the sick, needy and poor, and he understands and knows what mortal pains and sicknesses we suffer from here on earth but his love ascends all of that his love and the redemption that the Savior’s sacred sacrifice allows a way for all of us to return home to be in an eternal family and he knows that sometimes when people believe that someone isn’t a part of that eternal plan, that’s just a bunch of earthly ideas that have nothing to do with him or his teachings, I have come to realize often the love of things can become more burdensome than the light load you carry with the Savior by your side. I was left out, but the spirit prompts you to make sure you are included and isn’t that the most wonderful thing in the world? I think so, and it reminds me of how you would always have a prompting to call someone and when you did they needed help. Isn’t that great how that system works when you are in tune with it and listen to the promptings of your heart. And you know Mom, Amelia just did a beautiful job in speaking about you and the amazing story of your life, it was truly a beautiful talk and especially when she talked about your values and thinking about how truly you passed them to all your “babies” cause you always had to hold them and talk to them and you would get so excited when each one had a growth in development, or when they opened their eyes and would gurgle or coo back to your words. I also remember you going over to the hospital to nurse the babies whose Mother’s couldn’t and it wasn’t even some act of charity, it was those babies Mom, you just couldn’t stop holding them and loving them and just like me and grilled cheese sandwiches you would get a baby in your arms almost any way you could! Oh and please tell Nathan what he already knows, but I am sure he is thrilled to see you that I love and miss him. Love you so much Mom, but I know when I pray for your wisdom you will answer me somehow and probably in the least expected way, and I will listen for the meadow larks when they come.

  4. REPLY
    Vesper Starr says

    Mom, I just wanted to say one more thing. This is a beautiful song by Loretta Lynn, and it reminds me of you, and the strength of your faith and your life of service to others, and how you did know that all things are perfected and you had were a true and faithful servant of the Lord and now you know Mom, this old world does turn around, and now you have flown away and I am glad you were surrounded by your daughters when it happened. The only thing thing that isn’t correct in this song, is yes, this world can be full of tears and broken dreams, but it sure is also full of tremendous joy and happiness, and I think that is what love is about courage and sacrifice and when you look back on the hard times, you realize that although there were some bad times, you know that you would do it all over again for the people you loved, because of those beautiful and poignant moments that came with the hard times.

    Lay Me Down

    I raised my head and set myself
    In the eye of the storm, in the belly of a whale
    My spirit stood on solid ground
    I’ll be at peace when they lay me down
    When I was a child, I cried
    Until my needs were satisfied
    My needs have grown up, pound for pound
    I’ll be at peace when they lay me down
    When they lay me down someday
    My soul will rise, then fly away
    This old world will turn around
    I’ll be at peace when they lay me down
    This life isn’t fair, it seems
    It’s filled with tears and broken dreams
    There are no tears where I am bound
    And I’ll be at peace when they lay me down
    When they lay me down some day
    My soul will rise, then fly away
    This old world will turn around
    I’ll be at peace when they lay down
    When they lay me down some day
    My soul will rise and fly away
    This old world will turn around
    I’ll be at peace when they lay me down

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